Thursday, June 1, 2017


Bikes bikes are awesome everybody has one your mum your dad and your baby. Bikes are used all over the world bikes Bikes Bikes Bikes Bikes BIKES!!!!!!!!!!

Bikes look shiny and cool cooler and COOLEST  . Bikes can have any colours  like  red green  blue and so on. They can have hot  flames and lots of different  patterns so do the helmets.

(Tip must put helmet on.)
To work a bike you have to get on it lift your leg over and sit on the seat. Then you put your feat on the pedals grip onto the handlebars push the pedals and lift the stand up and go.

To look after it  you wash it and don't do skids it wears out the tires and don't throw it on the ground.

Bikes are fun they are amazing they're good for transport  and they're cool.

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