Thursday, June 1, 2017

The camp was usual enough

The camp was usual enough it had a fun Play grand a winding river dark cabins Smelly  horses and archery where i shot The target. My clacs and my teacher and Same adults and I. Doing what boys do we Split into groups. And shot the bows and The gun and hit rocks in rafting and made A bridge in pioneering and rode a horse Around a big padick.

        Doing nothing important.

Take a trip

Take a trip inside my mind it's where i go when i am bored i dream of riding on a dolphin and sharks not   eating me.and the sharks were nice.I wonder if the world is going to end in 2020 and if my sister will be nice to me.also if i will be a good gymnast.I can be found in my bedroom eating ice cream and watching youtube. and also playing with my times i feel nervous doing school activities.When no one is watching i ran to the kitchen get a ice block and ran back to my room and eat it. i think of having a pet unicorn.My hope this year is to have a pet unicorn. This year i hope all my wishes come true.


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Bikes bikes are awesome everybody has one your mum your dad and your baby. Bikes are used all over the world bikes Bikes Bikes Bikes Bikes BIKES!!!!!!!!!!

Bikes look shiny and cool cooler and COOLEST  . Bikes can have any colours  like  red green  blue and so on. They can have hot  flames and lots of different  patterns so do the helmets.

(Tip must put helmet on.)
To work a bike you have to get on it lift your leg over and sit on the seat. Then you put your feat on the pedals grip onto the handlebars push the pedals and lift the stand up and go.

To look after it  you wash it and don't do skids it wears out the tires and don't throw it on the ground.

Bikes are fun they are amazing they're good for transport  and they're cool.